21 great reasons to visit Alice Springs

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Explore Alice Springs; enjoy the extraordinary landscape, the colours and the amazing people who live there.

Alice Springs is not what you would expect.  An oasis in the desert, there are many great reasons to visit Alice Springs, so when someone asks why they should go, its’ easy to shortlist 21 of great reasons.

There’s much to see and do in Alice Springs

You will love the rich red desert colours, stunning sunsets and the clear blue skies will take your breath away.

Like so many others who came to Alice Springs for a short time, I stayed many years longer.   It’s a common story.  This town takes hold of you and becomes a part of you.  The people in Alice Springs are friendly, welcoming and inclusive … and the lifestyle is great.

Explore Alice Springs; enjoy the extraordinary landscape, the colours and the amazing people who live there. Click To Tweet

21 of my favourite reasons to visit Alice Springs

1.  Be sure to visit the Alice Springs Desert Park

Thorny DevilA short drive just 10 minutes from town, tucked under the escarpment of Mt Gillen, the Alice Springs Desert Park is on the outskirts of Alice Springs and a great place to see the desert as it should be seen. It is much more than just a wildlife park, it’s a great family experience.  Be sure to see the popular ‘Birds of Prey’ shows featuring Kites and Eagles.  Catch up with the cultural talks about the local indigenous desert peoples.  This park is full of desert wildlife such as kangaroos, quolls, possums, emus, perentes and other reptiles as well as the ‘Thorny Devil’ which is unique to the central desert region.  The Park has an extensive display of wildflowers growing throughout the park including the fabulous Sturts’ Desert Pea.

 2. Wander through the Olive Pink Gardens

CalistimonAlice Springs is known for its colourful characters, Miss Pink made her mark as a woman fighting for Aboriginal rights in the 1930’s.   She founded the beautiful Olive Pink Botanic Garden in 1956 at the age of 72.  The gardens feature more than 2500 plantings of almost 500 Central Australian plants as well as a sculpture trail.  The cafe is great little lunch spot.

3.  See the Todd River in Flood

Todd River in floodRumour has it that “if you see the Todd flow 3 times, you will stay forever”.  The Todd River is a dry riverbed for most of the year. The origins of the Todd begin in the MacDonnell Ranges, where it flows past the Telegraph Station towards the centre of Alice Springs township.  It passes through the Simpson Desert and eventually flows into Lake Eyre in South Australia.  It is an extraordinary experience to watch the Todd ‘come down’ and when the word goes out, the locals head to the river’s edge to watch the event.

4. Check out the Historic Telegraph Station

The Telegraph StationA beautiful park to relax in and the start of a number of walking tracks to the town and surrounds. Historically the Telegraph Station was an important part of the settlement of Alice Springs and has now been developed into a museum for visitors to gain knowledge of ‘how things were’.  A great spot to see wallabies and other native wildlife.

5. Alice’s vibrant Art Scene

Many talented artists gravitate to Alice Springs.  Artists such as Albert Namatjira and Rex Batterby gained fame and recognition with their stunning Central Australian watercolours. A magnificent gallery at Araluen is home to the largest collection in the country of works by Albert Namatjira.  Commercial galleries specialising in Aboriginal art worth visiting are Mbantua, Muk Muk and Papunya Tula Artists in the Todd Mall.   Each year the Central Australian Art Society presents the Advocate Art Awards, which attracts entries from talented artists for this prestigious award.

6.  Visit the Royal Flying Doctors

8. The Alice Springs Community

One of the things I love most about Alice Springs is that the community always gets behind a worthwhile cause.  They are a tight-knit community and generous supporters of local charities such as the ‘Butterfly Connection‘ supporting families who need to go south for health services.  The Apex, Lions and Rotary service clubs constantly work to raise funds for a good cause.

9. Alice does ‘events’ well

Finke Desert RaceAlice Springs locals are great at having fun and they really know how to pull events together especially when raising funds for a good cause.  Significant events such as the Alice Springs Masters Games, Henley on Todd, Camel Cup, the Finke Desert Race where all born in Alice and have evolved into annual events of notable popularity.

10. The Kangaroo Sanctuary

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is about 20 minutes’ drive from Alice Springs. The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre was established in Alice Springs in 2005 and the Kangaroo Sanctuary opened in 2011 for rescued orphaned baby kangaroos and adult kangaroos.  Take a guided sunset tour of the Kangaroo Sanctuary for an amazing wildlife experience.

11. Enjoy a Hearty Breakfast with the Parrots

Port Lincoln parrotAlice Springs has a number of trendy little cafes and restaurants located in the Todd Mall.  Many locals meet up with friends in the Mall for breakfast or coffee.  There’s a great cycling community in Alice who gather for coffee after their morning ride. Brightly coloured Port Lincoln Parrots hover in the surrounding trees swooping in for crumbs.

 12. Cycle the Simpson Gap Bike Path

Simpson GapSimpsons Gap is located about 25 kilometres west of Alice Springs.   It’s a spectacular rocky gorge with a permanent waterhole.   Accessible by road but if you’re up for a decent bike ride take the sealed Simpsons Gap Bike Path.  The path takes the scenic route cross-country with fairly easy grades. Ask at your hotel for places to hire bikes.

13.  The Old Ghan Heritage Museum

The first Ghan train left Adelaide for Alice Springs on August 4, 1929. It was often late – sometimes up to six weeks late!  The intense heat of the outback buckled the steel rails, termites ate the timber sleepers, bridges were washed away by flash floods giving many reasons train travel was unreliable.   In 1980 the old Ghan was replaced by the new Ghan on a different track.  Visit the Old Ghan Heritage Railway Museum next door to the National Road Transport Hall of Fame.

14.  Ride into the Sunset on a Camel

Camels in the OutbackNo trip to Central Australia is complete without a camel ride at sunset. You’ll see kangaroos and other Australian wildlife while you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.  Be sure to take home a photo of a stunning Central Australian sunset on your magical camel ride.  Known as Ships of the Desert, Camels were a big part of the early settlement of Central Australia and today there are more than a million wild camels roaming central Australia.

15.  Explore the West Macs

Ormiston GorgeThe West MacDonnell Ranges are famous for it’s chasms, rocky outcrops and spectacular gorges.  Known as the West Macs, are one of the most popular day trips from Alice.  Discover picturesque gorges, lush watering holes and striking red desert and take in some of the most striking landscape in the country.  Visit Simpsons Gap, Standley Chasm, The Ochre Pits, Ellery Big Hole, Hermmnsberg, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen Resort on the Finke River.  Each has it’s own beauty and will take your breath away.

16. Explore the East

Corroboree RockThe East Macs are every bit as spectacular. Emily Gap, Corroboree Rock and Jesse Gap are only a short drive from town and are great picnic spots. Visit Trephina Gorge, has fantastic walking trails along the bottom and around the rim of the large semicircular canyon.  If you’re lucky you’ll find the local gospel choir, Asante Sana taking advantage of the natural acoustics of the Gorge.  Head further east to the Ross River Resort and enjoy a great lunch.

 17. Take a Hot-air Adventure

Hot Air BalloonHave you ever wanted to take a hot-air-balloon flight?  It’s a cold, early-morning start, but once you’re in the air it’s a magical way to watch the sunrise give life to the beautiful desert plains. Operating every day, weather permitting this hot air balloon experience will stay with you forever.

18. Visit the Strehlow Research Centre & Museum

In the Museum of Central Australia you will learn about the unique story of this region’s natural and geological history. Exhibitions in the museum include fossils, meteorite fragments, displays of creatures you might encounter in the region, including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects.  It’s a great place to learn about the Central Australian region.

19. Step out in your Beanie

If you’re there in June, be sure to go along to the annual Beanie Festival – or better still, put an entry in!  The competition to see who can create the funnies, wildest and weirdest beanie often makes national news.  Beanies are displayed at the Araluen Arts Centre every year.

20. Experience the Stars

The Milky WayThe Earth Sanctuary is a leader in the field of sustainability in education and eco tourism. The ‘Spirit of the Outback’ dinner & show and night time astronomy tours is one of the most amazing experiences in Alice Springs.  It takes you from a spectacular sunset over the East Macdonnell ranges to an awe inspiring canopy of stars as you learn about the southern hemisphere skies.

21.  Learn to play the Didgeridoo

DidgeridooThe Sounds of Starlight Theatre is in the Todd Mall, Alice Springs and features a modern theatre and retail gift shop and art gallery … and is visited by approximately 20,000 travelers each year. Andrew Langford is recognised internationally and the rhythmic quality of his playing and his extensive knowledge of the history and origins of this unique instrument bring together an unforgettable venue.

So, why should Alice Springs be on your Bucket List?

Add Alice Springs to your
Bucket List today!

Alice Springs is an extraordinary place to visit and with the rich red desert colours, stunning sunsets and the clear blue skies every day is an adventure.

The warmth of the town, the intense colours of the desert country and the experiences you will have, will stay in your heart forever.

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21 Great reasons to visit Alice Springs

Have you already been to Alice Springs?  What did you love most of all?  Drop me a note in the comments below, I’d love to hear about your experiences.