Fitbit steps

Fitbit techno-babble – calling the exercise shots

What has a Fitbit got to do exercise, you ask? The real question is 'what is a Fitbit'?  A recent heart to heart with my geekish son informed me that I needed to get a Fitbit.  My immediate, somewhat...
Santa Claus

Do you dream of having Christmas in Australia ?

The world expectation is that Christmas is white and pristine - everywhere! Not so in Australia!  For us Christmas is about hot sunny days and getting cool in the pool.  It's the hottest time of year...
Traditional Indonesian spices and flavours

Bali Cooking School – exotic food the Balinese way

Learn to cook the Balinese way! The Bali Cooking School 'Taste of Bali' class was exactly what we were looking for!  We locked in our next cooking adventure.  Whenever we travel we try to incorporate a local cooking...
Coober Pedy

An Aussie Road Trip – Alice Springs to Adelaide

A road trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide is arguably the second best Aussie road trip ever! The Stuart Highway south from the Northern Territory into South Australia is one of those quintessential travel experiences that everyone should have! Miles and...
Pack well

Holiday of a lifetime – pack what you need

We're very excited about our next adventure!  San Francisco, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, New York City, a White Christmas (very excited about this as there's not a lot of snow where we come from), Broadway, ice...
Always watching

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud Bali

The Sacred Monkey Forest is one of my favourite experiences in Ubud, Bali The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud is not just a tourist attraction!   The villagers of Ubud regard the Monkey Forest as an important spiritual, economic,...
Darwin's Beercan Regatta

Darwin’s Beercan Regatta

Prepare yourself for an awesome day of fun fun fun! Darwin's Beercan Regatta is without a doubt the 'event of the season'.  The regatta is a fun day with thousands of people flocking to Mindil Beach in...
Heliconias in watercolour

Art and Watercolour magic

Always arty, it's nice to finally take the time to enjoy my painting. Growing up as a child in Papua New Guinea‚ my art has always been driven by the extreme colours reflected in the rainforest‚ the unique...
Balmy tropical Darwin

Darwin boasts the best lifestyle in Australia

Darwin is the gateway to the 'Top End' and boasts the best lifestyle in Australia. A cultural melting pot, Darwin is a vibrant city influenced by many cultures around the world.  It's who we are and we...
Tech tools to travel

Tech tools that I never travel without

A geek of sorts, I have this 'need' to access technology that make life easier, especially when I travel. I seek out posts about the tech tools others travel with and am constantly on the hunt for new...