The Devils Marbles – a place of ancient Aboriginal dreaming

Walk through this field of ancient spherical boulders.

A place of ancient Aboriginal dreaming, the Devils Marbles are a ‘must stop’ destination when driving through the Northern Territory.

This surreal collection of massive granite boulders strewn across acres of sparse desert country just 110 kilometers south of Tennant Creek in Central Australia.  It is one of the most spectacular sights to be seen.

Join a guided walk through these spherical boulders and learn about the ancient Aboriginal spiritual lands of the region.

The dreaming story of the Devils Marbles or ‘Karlu Karlu’ to the local Warmungu Aboriginal people.  It tells of the mythological belief that the marbles are fossilized eggs of the Rainbow Serpent.

Some of the boulders stand up to 6 metres high!

Formed over millions of years these rocks continue to crack and move with time and mother nature.

Spectacular photographic opportunities

the Devils Marbles

A visit to the Devils Marbles early morning and late afternoon will reward you.  A stunning range of red and gold colours will make this view some of the most impressive desert colours you will ever see.

Photographing during the golden hour is when this landscape comes to life with it’s rich golden glow.  Be sure to time your visit at sunrise or sunset or if you can, opt to camp overnight to experience this spiritual place.

Nature and Wildlife

Goanna or Perentie

Vivid blue skies, stark scenery and abundant range of wildlife are to be found throughout the Barkley Tablelands.  This country is alive with an amazing array of other birdlife such as cockatoos, corollas, ibis and bush turkeys.

You will most likely spot wallabies, emus, kangaroos, dingos and numerous rodents and marsupials in their natural habitat and if you keep your eyes peeled you may also be lucky enough to see prehistoric goannas, lizards and predatory birds such as kites and eagles soaring above.

The Davenport Range National Park

KangarooThe Davenport Range National Park is an important refuge for fauna, especially water birds, due to this extensive network of permanent waterholes.

Budding birdwatchers and serious ornithologists head to this national park to catch sight of the vast numbers of birds found in the area.

The Davenport Ranges are strictly 4×4 country.

For those who want to experience the hidden beauty of the Tennant Creek region you will be rewarded by a network of permanent waterholes and extraordinary views from remote rocky outcrops.

There are no creature comforts in this part of the world so be prepared to ‘rough it’ by pitching a tent or rolling out a swag at one of the cleared campsites.  Spending the night sleeping under the stars is one of life’s greatest rewards!

This country is an amazing ancient landscape!  No matter how many times I travel through Central Australia, I never fail to stop and take yet another photo … just like every other tourist!

Have you seen the Devils Marbles yet?  What were your first thoughts?  Why not share your story with us in the comments below.