6 things to love about Noosa

There are so many things I love about Noosa, that every year I just add to my list.  Here are 2016’s favourite things.

1Wake up to Noosa Beach

Clear blue-green water, gentle waves, people swimming laps across the bay and others taking long walks along the water’s edge.

Families enjoying the early morning on the beach.  Dad’s kicking footballs for their young ones, children building sandcastles and splashing at the waters edge.

This is what Noosa is all about!

2Relax and enjoy

Noosa is the ideal winter escape.  The winter temperatures are perfect, making it the perfect holiday destination.  There is something therapeutic about watching the waves roll in.

It’s an opportunity to take an early morning walk along the beach or work on getting a Noosa tan!

Enjoy the solitude!  There are hundreds of people around but everyone is busy enjoying their personal space so relax and enjoy yours.

It’s a great opportunity to chill out, relax and unwind from your normally busy lifestyle.

3Leisurely Breakfasts

Fabulous restaurants with great choices especially if you want something different.

We chose Thomas Corner at Noosaville and have made a mental note to go back for dinner!

My choice was fresh avocado with local feta on grain toast, topped with a crunchy of pan fried pistachios and capers. Breakfast was superb!

4Catching up with friends

Our annual trip to Noosa is always about catching up with friends!

Trev loves to ride in the Noosa Strade Bianche each year and for him it’s always a time to catch up with cycling mates and participate in the Show & Shine where they proudly polish up old bikes show them off.

This year, friends from New Zealand and Yeppoon joined us.  It was the first time we’ve all been together for 16 years so was a pretty amazing couple of days.

5Eumundi Markets

I first visited Eumundi Markets about 30 years ago so it was great to go back again.

Much much larger now, these markets have an awesome range of original artworks and sculptures, handmade toys and stunning jewellery by local designers and certainly a ‘must’ to visit.

You will find fabulous laksas, exotic thai dishes, paella, chocolates and old fashioned lemonade and much more.  Look out for the freshly baked breads and locally made cheeses, yoghurts and icecreams.  These markets will delight every ‘foodie’!

6Fine Dine, or not – as you please

Award winning restaurants and cafes is something that Noosa is proud of, however the greatest thing of all is that so many choices that are available!

We wandered into ‘Noosa Beach House’ on a busy Saturday night (without a booking, having been turned away by a couple of other restaurants) and were impressed that they couldn’t have been more helpful – and the food was absolutely delicious!

So delicious, wonderful service and such a surprise menu!  We’ll be back, but next time we will be sure to make a reservation!  (for more about this restaurant – go to Rusty Rants)