Tech tools that I never travel without

Tech tools to travel

A geek of sorts, I have this ‘need’ to access technology that make life easier, especially when I travel.

I seek out posts about the tech tools others travel with and am constantly on the hunt for new ideas and new technology to make life on the go much easier!

Gone are the days when I simply stuffed things into a bag and ran for the airport and no one knew where I was for weeks on end.  Today I’m well connected and carry a range of essential tech tools with me wherever I go!

Traveling aboard with a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop (or a combination of these tech tools) makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family.

I must admit I do love technology, and whilst I confess that I don’t always use all that I travel with, I know that should I want to, I can!

My favourite travel tech tools

Mobile Phone:  My suggestion is to bring your phone and sign up for an local global plan that suits your needs once you arrive at your destination.   Swap out your sim card and use the new card to link straight into the networks once you arrive.  It’s usually a much cheaper option than accessing global roaming from your carrier in Australia.

Free WiFi is available in a range of cities and Tech tools to traveltowns and you will find it’s usually available for guests at hotels and cafes all over the world.  It’s a great way to extend the life of your data plan.

Whilst I rarely use my phone for calls when I’m overseas, it’s where I store names, addresses and other contact details.

If I want to send a post card to Aunt Millie … I have her details.  If my luggage goes astray, I have my insurance details.   When combined with a simple data pack or hotel or coffee shop WiFi access, I can send a quick email to get what I need resolved.

Google Maps:  A great app to access on your phone (if you get lost as often as I do).   It’s visual and simple to use and will provide an estimate of walking times.

Headphones:  I love my Sennheiser noise cancelling earphones.  Uninterrupted quality sound for focused listening and privacy for travelling.  High quality sound and no external noise .. they’re my favourite travel accessory!

Ebooks:  Access books and magazines through your e-reader.  E-readers are way to travel with a range of reading material without the weight.  If you don’t have one yet, C-net have a great review for you to get more information.  Download books and magazines from
Amazon, e-Books and many other sites.

Tablet or Laptop:  I love to take my laptop along on my trips.  It’s lightweight and tablet sized and easy to slide into my carry-on. Its’ a great place to store and sort photos and upload your favourite pics to cloud storage when you get a chance.

Battery powerpack:  One just never knows when you will need a re-charge for your phone, your camera, tablet or laptop!   We use a Cygnett Digital Charger which has been brilliant and allows us to charge all of our devices in no time at all.  Easy to find one of these at the airport digital accessories shops.

International charger:  Make sure you travel with an international charger.  Voltages and power outlets vary from country to country so this is a ‘must’ to travel everywhere.  Don’t risk frying your devices with the wrong voltage!

Old fashioned tech tool:  A notebook and pen!  Don’t forget to take one with you.  I often find myself scribbling extra notes for use later when writing up my blog.  Great for capturing information or making quick notes in a crowded cafe and listing to-dos and travel ideas.  I’ve often come off a long flight with a plan to action!

Travel apps

TripIt:  My first and favourite ‘go-to’ travel app is ‘Trip It’ – just the feeling of having all my travel information in one place so that I can clearly (and easily) see if I’ve missed a booking for accommodation, flights or car hire gives me enormous calm.  I love that I can build a ‘master’ itinerary and collate all my travel details by emailing the travel documents straight to TripIt.

Download the app and be set up in minutes.  There’s a free version but I love TripIt Pro as it has additional features to make travelling a smooth process.  The great thing about this app is that it has capacity to share information with co-travelers and non-travelers so that everyone who needs to know, is kept informed about your whereabouts.

Trip Advisor:  A great app to use to check out restaurants in and around your location, hotel recommendations and things to see and do whilst you’re visiting.  When in Melbourne last, Trip Advisor had some references to a great little wine bar hidden away from the mainsteam, that I’m sure we’d have never found without it.

The app also gives an opportunity to provide feedback on your experience which I’ve found a great help when choosing the places we go.

Social Media:  Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest come to mind! Selfie at Jimbaran Beach Keep in touch with family & friends quickly and easily.  Use your phone camera for instant snapshots, post selfies (I need to work on taking better selfies) and upload photos onto your FaceBook or Instagram and other social media.

Evernote:  A great notebook app for your phone, tablet or computer to ensure your passwords, account information and notes are recorded and able to be accessed quickly.  A web based program, Evernote is easy to use and can be password protected, for privacy. is my favourite online app for booking accommodation and for storing all my accommodation reservations in one place.  An easy to use booking tool with online access to update and review booking arrangements complete with maps and useful travel guides.

Spotify:  Must have music!  I love the flexibility of selecting my favourite tracks to download so that I have a great selection of music to travel with offline.  I have been using Spotify for about 10 years now and love that I can share my favs with others and link into others playlists.  Sign up today and download one of my playlists!

Using a combination of a number of apps to make travel easier, I store my travel arrangements online and make sure I keep a copy of our ID’s, passports and other key information in cloud storage which can be accessed from any computer anywhere!

I’m sure there’s plenty of tech tools I haven’t included.  Have you any ‘must-have’ travel tech items’?  We’d love you to share them in the comments below.