Do you dream of taking better travel photos?

Are your travel photos missing the wow factor?  Do you wish you could capture that magical sunset, or take a snapshot of the family without chopping off their heads?  Here’s a few simple tips to help you take better travel photos.

The simple key to improving your photo results is to get to know your camera and practice, practice, practice so we’ve put together a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

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1. Pack the right Camera Gear

  • Camera – I love my Sony A6000
  • Extra battery – my number one tip!
  • Battery charger – don’t be caught out.
  • Gorillapod – for solo travellers and couples wanting to be in their photos together.
  • Tripod or Monopod – for steady shooting in low light conditions.
  • Camera Bag to suit your gear and protect your equipment.

2. Research your Location well

If you want to showcase your destination, research well to make sure your photo is not like everyone else’s photo.  Think ‘outside the box’.  Catch a unique angle, feature a different perspective and show some human factor that you haven’t shown before.  Have you tried shooting into the sun, or allowing the sun to silhouette?  I have a current love for silhouette shots!

3. Beat the Crowds

Get to your location before everyone else arrives.   There’s nothing worse than your best shots being photo bombed by Ma & Pa Kettle on their holiday of a lifetime.  Plan ahead, go out early … chances are you’ll be rewarded with the soft light of the early morning and come away with the ‘photo of the day’.

4. Don’t underestimate the proverbial Selfie

I’m sure most of you will agree … no holiday is complete without a couple of selfies!  Most of us come home from our trips with a selfie featuring a classic tourist location in the back ground.  They’re fun photos and a must for your travel photo album and sometimes a great source of amusement when you get home.

Selfie Stick Fail

5.  Be original with your Vantage point

We’ve all seen those holiday photos – same location taken over and over again by so many people.  Think outside the box when looking for your view point.  Try heading in the opposite direction from the crowd or with so many tall buildings opening up their top floors as rooftop bars, treat yourself to a wine with the best sunset view in town!

6.  Learn about Composition

As an artist, I often make a frame out of my hands to sight the view I’m going to paint.  It’s also a useful technique for photography as you can plan what you want to capture in your frame. Look for balance, add the human factor with people in the distance and consider adding some foreground feature for perspective.  Remember, it’s likely that your best photo will be the one that breaks all the rules!

Perspective and interest

7.  Be prepared for unexpected Weather conditions

If it’s raining outside don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean you can’t capture great photographs! Overcast days actually allow for great photographs as the lighting is not so stark and bright.  This is especially good when shooting portraits!  Protect your lens with a lens hood or consider some weather proof aids.

8. Always Carry Your Camera With You

Homer Simpson featureI’m sure you’ve heard that the best photo is taken from the camera you have with you!  If you want to be sure to capture the best photo of the day, be sure to carry your camera with you.

This was one of the reasons I bought my Sony A6000 as it was light and easily fitted into my bag. You never know when a great photo moment will arise!

9. People help tell your story

Using people in your photographs doesn’t mean a structured pose.  Be creative when using people in your photos to tell your story.  If you’re photographing someone, don’t show their face unless you’ve asked permission.  Adding the human factor can show scale or feature an activity which can add interest and perspective. Be creative not intrusive.

10. Invest in the Right Lens

If you have a trip coming up which is going to give you an opportunity to get up close and personal with wildlife or see some unique and beautiful flowers, be sure to consider the lens you will need to capture the best moments of your travels.  The best way to capture nature and wildlife is to invest in a telephoto zoom lens.  I’ve taken some beautiful photos with a 50 mm lens but I’ve taken some extraordinary photos with my zoom!


Good travel photos tell a story and create a picture in the viewer’s mind.  

Do some research.  Look at travel photos by professional photographers and identify what they are doing differently. How do they compose their photos?  Are there are any common themes to what makes their photos … great photography?

Have you read my earlier post “Beginners guide to shooting awesome photos with a Sony A6000.

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Have you got any tips to add to this list?  What is your favourite photography trick?  Drop us a note in the comments below with tips that work for you.