Uluwatu – Balinese Kecak & Fire Dance performances

the princess

Uluwatu Temple is the backdrop for the daily Balinese Kecak & Fire Dance performances.

Uluwatu is one of six Balinese temples considered to be Bali’s spiritual pillars.

Its magnificent location with views overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean, Balinese architecture with traditionally designed gateways and ancient sculptures add to the magnificence of this Hindu Uluwatu Temple.

It is believed that the temple was built around the 10th century due to several archaeological remains found at Uluwatu Temple.

The name of Uluwatu came from the word of “Ulu” mean the tip and “Watu” mean stone. So Uluwatu temple means, a holy site built on the tip of the rock.

Hundreds of people gathered to enjoy the Balinese love story.

Visitors were expected to dress respectfully and were provided with sarongs and a yellow sash to indicate their respect for the ‘ancients’ prior to entering into the temple grounds.

A small forest surrounds the temple and is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys believed to guard the temple from bad influences.  The monkey’s walk amongst the visitors as they come to watch the performance.

We watched as the mischievous monkeys ‘taunted’ the tourists (and as you might note, occasionally a tourist taunts the monkey!)

As the sun started to set we walked towards the stone amphitheatre to wait for the show to begin.

The Balinese Kecuk & Fire Dance

Based on old script Kusuma Dewa wrote in 1005 AD, the Kecak dance performance is a love story performed across Bali however in these ancient surrounds the story takes on a life of it’s own.

The ceremonial dance was spectacular in traditional Bali dance style with extended fingers, pronounced movements and exotic costumes decked with gold trim and elaborate masks and head dresses.

The orchestra was the voices of 70 men who chanted and sang for the duration of the performance.

Well practiced and well choreographed, these actors and actresses portray their characters with strong emotion and obviously care about the story they are telling.

It’s cultural events such as these that give tourists an understanding of the myths that drive these ancient cultures whilst enriching our travel experience.

A beautiful mythical Indonesian story in amazingly beautiful Uluwatu Temple.  I totally enjoyed the Balinese Kecuk & Fire Dance performance and loved being immersed in the Balinese culture.