‘Us Mob’ – what makes us tick?

Trevor & Ann

It seemed only natural when our ‘Territory Mob’ blog evolved that Trevor and I became ‘Us Mob’.

A ‘Mob’ is an Australian collective reference for a group of kangaroos, however in the Northern Territory, the word ‘mob’ is often used affectionately when grouping people together ie: Alice Springs mob (people from Alice Springs), the Owen mob (the Owen Family) or Territory Mob (we who live in the Northern Territory) and so it goes.

The blog evolved through our interests in travel, my love for sharing our stories and photos of where we’ve been and our excitement about the places we’ve visited.  We both love the Northern Territory and love exploring and learning about the history behind the places we visit.

Ann Owen

Although Australian born I spent most of my childhood living in Papua New Guinea where I developed my love of adventure, an interest in travelling and a Territory mobhunger for new experiences.

In 2001 I moved to Alice Springs for work, packed up my children and my worldly possessions and drove west for 3 days towards the desert.

Having always lived on the coast to head inland was new, exciting and unknown.

I was not prepared for the colours of Central Australia … they were stunning!

The rich reds and gold in the rocks, the vivid hues of the sunsets, purple mountains in the distance and the desert landscape of trees and shrubs that inspired the artist in me.

My day job is demanding so I find the creativeness of my art, traveling and writing about our travels inspiring, calming and great fun.

Territory mobTrevor Owen

Trevor grew up in Darwin, traveled to Alice Springs on a 2 week holiday (which lasted 32 years) before returning.

Trev has a passion for cycling, fine wine and his wife’s cooking!!

Trevor has been actively involved in the sport of cycling for over 40 years as a competitor, coach, commissaire (referee), committee member, volunteer and has lately returned to riding for the fun of it.

In 2011, Trevor and I moved to Darwin, Northern Territory.  Trevor grew up in Darwin so for him it’s like coming home; for me though, I feel like I’m on holidays every single day!

The Northern Territory is often considered to be ‘the last frontier’.  Our landscape is as stark as it is vivid and there is such a richness in culture and diversity in this part of the world.  The lifestyle is magical, relaxed and alive.

Watch this space for more posts of our travels within the Territory and further afield and please feel free to ask questions anytime!