We clocked up 50 days of travel, wow!

50 travel days is simply not enough! A fantastic (almost) 2 months away and our ‘holiday of a lifetime’!  We were not ready to come home and with plenty more to see and do, 50 days of travel is definitely NOT enough time to do it all.

So where did we go, and what did we see?

Most Aussies dream of having a white Christmas and it’s been on our bucket list as a ‘must do, one day’ experience so when we decided to travel to United States, Canada and the Caribbean it seemed an obvious option to go in winter.

Whatever were we thinking!

Winter for Aussies who live in Darwin is usually a minimum of 18 degrees celsius, our summer is when we have our Christmas Down Under, and temperatures of 40 degrees celsius are common.

In Australia everyone heads to the beach on Christmas day to keep cool!

Picture this:  Aussies in Niagara Falls, slipping and sliding on black ice, rugged up to the hilt with layers and layers of clothes, coats, scarves and everything else that might give us warmth.

A very funky city with so many fun things to do!

We stayed down at the Zephyr Hotel near Fisherman’s Wharf which was a great location to explore nearby Pier 39 and its assortment of bars, cafes and restaurants.  The Sea Lions are a huge attraction to the Pier but were oblivious to the tourists watching their antics.

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without visiting the Golden Gate bridge.  An amazing structure shrouded by clouds and mist on our visit but still allowing us some striking photos.

Haight Ashbury district needs to be on your must-do list.  The original hippie movement started in this area but has now morphed into upmarket area with trendy boutiques, restaurants, cafes and bars.  It’s a great place to spend the afternoon reminiscing days gone by!

Highlights: SantaCon2016, Sonoma Valley, Haight Ashbury district, Golden Gate Bridge, the Sea Lions, Boudin’s Bakery & Cafe, the island of Alcatraz, Napa Valley

2Las Vegas was next on our list

4New York City for Christmas

5New Hampshire with friends

8Key West – the southernmost island haven

9Kennedy Space Center