My travel pre-preparation is about making sure I have the right travel apps, on hand all the time.

When I travel I like to have everything I need right at my finger-tips to make my travel life so much easier.  Apps have become a huge part of our day-to-day lives and we dare not leave home without them!

I use quite a few different apps when I travel and wanted to share 9 of my favourites.  What are yours?

TripIt - Travel Planner

  1. Trip It:  There is no question about it, Trip It is my all time favourite Travel app!  Book your airline ticket, accommodation or car hire and send your confirmation emails directly to and that’s that!  Sorted!  Trip It, organises your next trip for you chronologically and keeps tabs on where you’re going next and how you’re getting there.   It’s a simple travel app which keeps all your travel arrangements organised and together.   I’ve been using Trip It for over 6 years now as a prim and am hooked!
  2.  I love accommodation apps!  It’s so easy to find accommodation specials at a moment’s notice with rating cues to give you a standard guide to quality expectations. has a no pre-pay option available which is often handy.  For a quote on your next accommodation booking go to our quick link in the side-bar.
  3. Be your Google Local Guide:  An easy to find food and destination recommendation app in use by other travelers.  Get recommendations of what to see or do, where to eat, what accommodation to choose and any tips and tricks when traveling.  I am also a Local Guide contributor for the places I visit and love sharing my experiences and reading the recommendations.  get connected
  4. Airline Booking Apps:  Make sure you download the apps for the airlines you’re traveling with or likely to travel with – Qantas, Virgin, Singapore Air, Delta and Jetstar.  They’re easy to use and provide up-to-date information on your travel as you need it.  It offers easy check in and information about your ticketing requirements.
  5. Flight Radar 24:  This live airline tracker was handy during the recent airport closure in Denpasar Bali due to the blanket of ash covering Bali.  This app featured the anticipated path of the ash cloud as it moved with the weather and was very helpful to plan our exit from Bali via the least complicated path.
  6. Weather Apps:  WT Forecast | The Weather Channel are the best if you want to know what the weather is doing whilst you’re away.   Anticipate snow, hail or shine so that you take the right weather gear with you and don’t get caught out.
  7. Entertainment Apps:  Before you fly be sure to download movies or television episodes to ensure you have something to watch on the plane.  Many airlines have their own entertainment apps, so make sure you’ve pre-downloaded the app before you fly or alternatively go to Netflix for downloadable movies and TV shows to store on your device.
  8. Uber:  Most cities endorse Uber these days so it’s a no brainer when you’re traveling. Be sure you have the Uber App downloaded and ready to go!   You don’t have to worry about having the right change or currency and it’s nice to have all the stress removed out of a dodgy cab ride or currency confusion!
  9. Social mediaSocial Media Apps:  Social media is such a big part of our lives today making it easy to keep in touch with family and friends. Here’s a few of our favourites FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter but there are so many more.  Don’t forget to post photos of yourselves so everyone knows you’re having a great time!  Be that friend with the best travel photos!!
Perhaps you know of an app I haven’t mentioned in this list?  If so, leave me a note below.  I’d love to review and learn of new ways to make my travel life easier!