Our destination of choice for our first overseas trip together was Singapore.  We’d both traveled widely before but never overseas together so this trip was clearly a test!  I dreamed of nothing but luxurious foot massages and shopping for weeks leading up to our holiday!

Singapore is known as an eclectic and unique city. The Singaporean people live harmoniously despite the mix of cultures on this tiny island country.  It’s one of the busiest transit points worldwide, attracting tourists with it’s amazing food, fabulous shopping, buzzing nightlife and ethnic districts and neighbourhoods.

I love Singapore!

Our choice was to stay centrally so that we were in the hub of the popular tourist spots, a short walk from Chinatown and Clarke Quay and within easy access to the MRT (subway train system).

Hustling in Chinatown is always fun to watch.  It was the perfect opportunity to do some serious people watching while enjoying the exotic aromas from the cafes and restaurants nearby.

Settled into our hotel, we set out to explore our surroundings!  The first thing on my list was to find somewhere to relax, unwind and luxuriate with a foot massage to get into ‘holiday mode’.

Luxurious Foot Massages – Singaporean style

I’m not a great bargain hunter, if it’s cheaper than what I pay at home; I buy it.   I hate to haggle.  Trevor on the other hand loves nothing more than to extract a ‘deal of a lifetime’ and puffs himself up when he scoops the prize.

Let me set the scene: Chinatown in Singapore – foot massage specialists everywhere!  A laneway with a dozen or so masseuse salons side by side offering cheap foot massages.  Not only were these massages cheap, they were in fact, very cheap foot massages.. let me be clear about this .. these massages were at give away prices.

Trevor decided to secure us a 2 for 1 deal of the century and began bargaining with the row of masseurs in the laneway before finally securing a bargain price for a ‘sweetheart’ massage for the both of us in one of the salons.  How romantic it was going to be!

Entering the salon we were seated side by side.  Our respective masseuses sat at our feet and chattered and giggled between each other as they commenced with a gentle calf massage.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the spiced musk incense wafting around the room.  I was on holidays and this was the most perfect way to relax!

Next minute I sat bolt upright!

In a soft voice my masseuse asked in stilted english “your first massage”? as she dug her thumbs into the muscles on my legs.

I screamed in pain!  She giggled and spoke (in language) to her fellow masseuses who giggled in return as if sharing a secret.  She continued to drive her thumbs and knuckles into my legs. Each stroke was deeper into the tissue than the last and left an indent as it passed.

“Gentle, gentle” I pleaded.

“Me no English ma’am” smiling sweetly at me while continuing to chatter and giggle with her fellow masseuses.

The massage continued while my legs throbbed and became numb, my feet ached with the bruising and my toes were individually pulled from their sockets as an integral part of the torture plan.

It seemed like an eternity until we hobbled out of the salon.

The moral of the story is “NEVER .. EVER .. bargain for a foot massage!” 

Footnote: I couldn’t walk for 3 days!