Become a Staycation expert – 20 great tips to have the best holiday ever

Staycation expert

Have you ever considered becoming a tourist in your own home town?

Perhaps you are already a Staycation expert?  With the rising costs of airfares and holiday accommodation, the ‘stay-at-home’ vacation has become more popular with travelers .. or, non travelers!

There are no expensive airfares or accommodation costs, and you know (in advance) what your room and facilities will be like.  No need to complain to management that your bed is lumpy!

Suddenly you have wardrobe options and guess what?  You can take as many shoes as you want!  There’s no packing required!

If the weather changes – you have choices and can make the last minute decision to pick up a hat or a brolly as you walk out the door!

Follow our 20 tips to have the best holiday ever to become a non-traveling holiday expert !

Design an itinerary to suit your own Staycation

Take a trip to your local information centre to arm yourself with ‘what to see and do’ brochures about the local highlights, free activities and upcoming events in your town.

Find a comfy chair, settle in for a cup of good coffee.   Bring your notepad and pen and kick-start your itinerary by writing down the things that you enjoy doing.

Start with an open mind.

Set aside some time for your staycation.  2 – 4 weeks is ideal and be sure to plan something for every single day even if it’s just to chill out with a book at home.

Get excited!  Be prepared to experience ‘everything‘!

Here are 20 of my favourite tips for the best Staycation itinerary

  1. Take a Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus: They’re a great way to re-acquaint yourself with the most popular places to visit in your home town.  Strike up a conversation with a fellow traveller and meet some new people.  Start by asking a visitor what brought them to your city or town and what they plan to see.  Perhaps you might add that to your list too.
  2. Take a walk on the beach: There’s nothing like kicking your shoes off and taking a leisurely stroll along the beach.  Smell the salt air, enjoy the sunshine and wriggle your toes in the sand!
  3. Do a local Walking Tour:  Walking tours are springing up everywhere and have turned out to be some of my favourite holiday experiences.  Usually the guides are great storytellers and full of knowledge so, make it a fun experience.  Learn something new about your own city or town.
  4. Visit your local museum or gallery: Art, historical, air-space or motor-vehicles and sports museums – whatever your interest.  Exhibitions frequently change so even if you’ve been before there’s sure to be something new to see.  Many of them are free entry to ‘locals’ so don’t forget to ask.
  5. Go to the movies: The movies are a great place to do ‘date night’ Try a 3D moviewith hubby or catch up with a girlfriend for a movie matinee and share some time together.  Have some fun – try out a 3D experience, and make sure you get popcorn!
  6. Take a sunset cruise: Does your city have a river, lake or ocean cruise showing the city lights by night?  Its an inexpensive way to spend an evening enjoying the sights, dinner and share a bit of touristy fun.
  7. Catch a match: Baseball, hockey, football, cricket – anything that takes your fancy.  Buy a ticket for a match and get swept up in the hype of the game.    Be sure to cheer heartily and actively be a part of the crowd!
  8. Start an exercise class: Try yoga, pilates or gentle aerobics.   Isn’t there a class you’ve always wanted to join but never have the time?
  9. Invite friends over for a casual BBQ or a ‘bring a dish’ event: we’re often so busy we don’t always make time to catch up.  You’ll be glad you did!
  10. Visit your local Botanical Gardens: Whiling away the afternoon at the botanical gardens is always a relaxing.  George Brown Botanical GardensBe sure to take your camera for a few ‘staycation’ photo album snapshots.
  11. Take a late afternoon walk by the beach: Watching the sun set over the water is such a powerful experience and always has an uplifting effect for me.  No beach?  What about a riverside walk, or wander down by the lake to enjoy the fading afternoon sun?
  12. Take a ‘day tour’ to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go: Perhaps a visit to the nearby cultural centre, zoo or local nature park.
  13. Dust your bike off and go for a ride: Take the scenic route along the foreshore or in the park. It’s a great way to catch some fresh air and sunshine and get a little exercise as well.the Cinelli
  14. Pack a delicious picnic lunch and take a leisurely drive into the country:  Make sure you take the scenic route (you’re not in a hurry) and find a beautiful spot to enjoy your picnic lunch.
  15. Go window shopping with a friend and treat yourselves to a lovely lunch in one of your favourite restaurants:  Spending time with friends is relaxing and something we all should do more of.
  16. Read a book:  My ultimate luxury is to read a book from cover to cover without interruption.  Take it outdoors!  Take a rug to the park and chill out under a tree or go to your local café and splurge on one of their coffee creations while settling into one of their comfy couches.Relax
  17. Buy yourself your favourite flowers: Beautiful scents wafting through my home is one of my favourite inexpensive and self-indulgent treats.
  18. Plan a special night out: Call a taxi to take you out to dinner at your favourite restaurant and indulge yourself with one of your favourite treats. Why not arrange to meet friends and make a night of it.
  19. See a show:  Major cities have a range of theatre options including ballet, opera and dance whilst smaller centres have playhouse theatres with plays and other fun events.  Be sure to dress up for the evening and do supper afterwards.
  20. Take a nap: Holidays give us an opportunity to escape the busyness of daily life and give us a chance to relax and revitalise yourself.  Take the time to chill out, rest and unwind – it’s your staycation!

Life gets busy and sometimes our own hometowns are the last places we explore.  Now is your opportunity to change this!  Plan yourself a great Staycation, map out your Staycation itinerary and enjoy your next holiday with a local expert.

Explore the world you live in.  Have you ever taken a Staycation?  What is your favourite activity for a ‘stay-at-home holiday’?